I “DougScore” My 2013 VW Jetta TDI SportWagen

I was so proud of my DieselGate refugee 2013 Jetta Sportwagen that I sent Doug DeMuro an e-mail asking if he would like to review it. I don’t live too far from his San Diego home base, and I even offered to meet him somewhere in the middle to make his life easier. Alas, IContinue reading “I “DougScore” My 2013 VW Jetta TDI SportWagen”

Mk. VI Volkswagen Jetta S Review

Shortly after I bought my 2013 Jetta SportWagen TDI I discovered the moonroof leaked. Thankfully the warranty I purchased with the vehicle covered the repair, and while it was in the shop I got a nice little 2019 Jetta S, which was a brand new model (and a brand new car with eight miles onContinue reading “Mk. VI Volkswagen Jetta S Review”

I bought a DieselGate 2013 VW Jetta TDI SportWagen in 2018!

On Halloween of 2018, I purchase a DieselGate refugee, a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen. This car had been re-purchased from its original owner and repaired by VW, and I bought it after this repair had been done. The purchase of this vehicle was the impetus for me to start making YouTube videos again, so evenContinue reading “I bought a DieselGate 2013 VW Jetta TDI SportWagen in 2018!”

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